Classroom Rules

Welcome to Kindergarten

Classroom Rules

Below is my behavior management plan. It is thoroughly explained during the first week of school to your child.

Classroom Rules

1.              Be on time everyday

2.         Be prepared with supplies everyday

3.         Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

4.         Follow the directions the first time

5.         Respect people, properties, and materials


1.         Praise

2.         Treasures

3.         Tickets

4.           Brain Shots

5.         Phone Calls / Notes Home



1.         Three verbal warnings

2.         Loss of partial recess to reflex on unwanted behaviors

3.         Phone Call Home

Severe Clause

(Automatic removal from class with a referral to administration)

1.         Overt Defiance

2.         Fighting

3.         Behavior which keeps class from functioning


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