Physical Education Expectations




1. Make Good Choices

2. Be Respectful

3. Solve Problems

P.E. Expectations

Jaguars Earn their SPOTS for Habit Tickets:

S= Be Safe

P= Participate at your best ability

O= Be Observant of surroundings

T= Be a Team Player

Earn Points to be a PE Aide for the Day:

Each day students earn points and they are asked to Be Safe, Participate at their best ability, Be Observant of surroundings, and be a Team Player, based on a point scale from (1-5) 5 being you followed all the rules. At the end of the month students that have earned a 5 each PE day will be entered into a drawing to be a PE Aide for the Day.


  • Wear closed toe lace-up shoes, or bring a pair to put on before P.E.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to P.E. (only water). Try to put your name and classroom number on water bottle so it can be returned if lost or forgotten.
  • Students are reminded to get water and use bathroom before P.E. class especially if they have recess directly before PE.
  • Students are asked to hold the question of using the bathroom or getting a drink of water until after the directions have been given.
  • Once class has entered into activity time students are free to get water as needed, count to 5 while drinking water (1 jaguar, 2 jaguar, 3 jaguar, 4 jaguar, 5 jaguar) then back to activity.
  • Student must ask to use bathroom.
  • if a students requests to sit-out, they must either be visibly ill or injured as of that day or have a note from the doctor, parent, teacher, or health nurse.


1. JAGLETE of the Week:

Students are recognized for their exceptional behavior and participation out in P.E. class. They receive a JAG Tag which is handed out during the Friday Flag Ceremony.


Students are given a warning and then 3 opportunities to correct their behavior. If their name is entered in the log 3 times during class for the day, then their classroom teacher will be informed, if it continues it will affect their citizenship grade.