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Hello, my name is Christine Miringoff.  I have been teaching in the San Marcos Unified School District for 23 years. I spent many of those years teaching fourth grade and a few years teaching second grade, but I am currently teaching the best grade, KINDERGARTEN! This will be my sixth year teaching kindergarten, and I have found it to be the most rewarding grade level to teach. I am excited to come to school and see the progress my students make, they may be little but they are mighty! I received both my bachelor’s degree and teaching credential at California State University San Marcos.
Classroom Management

My goal is to create a classroom culture where the students work together while at the same time become responsible for their own learning.  I do this by grouping students into purposeful partners and fluid groups that provide models and support in a learning community.  It is extremely effective and motivating because of the positive results for expected/appropriate behavior. I provide a complex system of leadership opportunities, points, tickets, treasures, brain shots, classroom celebrations, and specific praise that your student will no doubt explain to you over the next few months.

Academic Focus

I will of course cover the Common Core Standards in the subject areas of math, reading, and writing; a copy can be found by going to my web page and clicking on the Common Core Standards link.  I believe the biggest change your students will find this year is that they will read and be read to more than they have ever read or been read to before. My philosophy is that you can not become a reader unless you READ!  My belief is that extensive reading is the primary means for increasing vocabulary, and without vocabulary there is no language! I will be helping them understand the information they read by teaching them how information is organized i.e. main idea, cause and effect, fact and opinion, chronological order, plot, setting, and theme.  They will also learn to write for a variety of audiences using three types of writing formats: informative, opinion, and narrative. Our areas of focus in social science, economics, and government institutions are explored by answering these following questions: Why do we need rules? How do we know what is right? What is the purpose of storytelling?   Why do we make choices based on our needs and wants? Why do we celebrate people and events? All three areas of science this year will be explored. In physical science we will examine motion and force by answering the question: What makes things move? In life science we will research life cycles by answering the question: Why do plants and animals have different needs?  In earth science we will analyze weather patterns by answering the question: How do our lives change with the seasons? As always, the scientific method will be cultivated by encouraging investigation and experimentation. Math this year will provide your child with an extensive math vocabulary and mastery of base-ten notation, addition and subtraction through 100, units of measurement, and geometry; where they will describe and analyze shapes.  

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] 

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