Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Reading Club order forms
Scholastic's Reading Club is a great place to purchase fabulous books. The company offers a variety of genres and reading levels, which makes the Reading Club a perfect place to easily find and purchase "just right" books that will interest all readers.

Students: Reading is such an important part of our lives. The more you read, the better reader you become. Finding those books, magazines, newspapers, and so on that interest you, make you curious, allow you to imagine a different time/place is a joy. I still remember the first "thick" chapter book I read, how I imagined the characters/events in my mind, how it connected to my life, how proud I felt when I finished, and how it inspired me to find another book to affect me as much. I'm eager to hear about times when something you're reading affects you as well.

Parents/Guardians: There are 2 ways to purchase books. Regardless of how you order, the books will be mailed to the classroom.

(1) Your child will bring home fliers listing that month's books. Return the completed order form and pay by cash/check.

(2) Go to You can set up a parent account linked to our classroom's Reading Club and place your orders online. The online Reading Club offers the same books listed in the fliers along with additional choices. The first time you log-on, you will need to enter our classroom's activation code: GRN44.