About Ms. Steres

Ms. Steres

This is my 14th year teaching in San Marcos. Having taught 5th grade for 11 of those 14 years, I can say without a doubt 5th grade is the best! I am excited to be a Joli Ann Jaguar and even more excited to be YOUR teacher! I am eager to investigate the various subjects with you (ranging from figurative language to multiplying/dividing fractions to the American Revolution). Along with teaching, I love books (if you have a suggestion for our classroom library, please let me know) and learning new things.

My Education

I went to elementary school in La Jolla, middle school in Bonsall, and high school in Fallbrook. I received my Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Pomona College. After college, I moved to Chicago, Illinois and worked at the Field Museum before enrolling in a teacher credential program. Missing California, I moved back and received my credential and Master of Arts (M.A.) from California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). Additionally, I am a National Writing Project Fellow, a Colonial Williamsburg Fellow, and GATE certified.

My Family

Ms. Steres and her father Mr. and Mrs. Steres in Kauai Ms. Steres and her mom in Kauai 
Ms. Steres's sister and brother-in-law Ms. Steres's nephews and niece Ms. Steres's youngest nephew Ms. Steres's oldest nephew and niece

I am very close to my family. After retiring, my parents moved to Kauai. My mom was a psychologist, and my dad was a lawyer then a middle school teacher. My sister, brother-in-law, nephews, and niece live in Manchester, England. Both my sister and brother-in-law work for the University of Manchester, while my nephews and niece work on being the cutest, most curious, and happiest six year old, three year old, and infant on the planet. All of us love spending time together, and most of all, we love laughing together!

Things I Love

Hiking sign Ms. Steres at the Leaning Tower of Pisa Ms. Steres in Siena
Ms. Steres at Pompeii Ms. Steres at Siracuse Ms. Steres at Siracuse 
I am obsessed with reading. I love to travel (e.g., Kauai, England, Scotland, and Italy). I enjoy relaxing with friends, learning, hiking, visiting my neighborhood's Farmers' Market, listening to the news on the radio, and going to the gym. I am addicted to chocolate (with nuts) and love a good cup of coffee. However, the thing I love the most is working with students each day!